A downloadable game for Windows

Supercontinent Ltd is a narrative adventure about making phone calls in a distant future's rainy night.


Supercontinent-LTD.zip (97 MB)


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Loved this game! So awesome!

Great work, loved this game!

Cyberpunk - my favorite theme. Hacking - that too.

I just had to try and add voices to the game:


Hey, I've just played through the game. I thought it was BRILLIANT!

I loved the game mechanic, I just wish there was more to play. I kinda wish there was a epilogue, like some text at the end, just to clear things up. Also I got a bit confused at the ending.

Just to be on the same page:

I phone the bomb code, Vega turns on me, Dectective (barb's dad) turns up, I throw a book at him, he goes down, then I call the other hacker network, and it turns that I have been working for them?

Is that right?

Either way, Great game, I loved it.

You got that right, yes :) Glad you enjoyed it!

OK thanks for clearing things up.

Really interesting game, I got stuck haha


I had so much fun with this game! The gameplay mechanics are so clever! Absolutely well done!

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Hey yo I really enjoyed this game and I definitely recommend this. The setting, music and look of the game was really good as well as the story. I split the gameplay video into two this is part one. Part two soon :D

And here is part 2

Love it!

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I really enjoyed the game- and this comes from someone who is rarely pleased with games. I did misunderstand the plot since the beginning but figured it out while editing the said video. My only problem was that I didn't quite understand the ending; i did make some assumptions, but I am pretty sure they were incorrect. On the other hand, there might be some context I am missing. Here's my humble gameplay, keep up with the high quality games!



OF COURSE, I didn't realize WHO was the people doing this until the end




(yes I really really like it)

"Supercontinent Ltd is a dystopian narrative game in which you need to hack some uncrackable device known as a landline phone." - Doesn't get more badass than that, here's my first impression:

Will make it a series most likely

Very atmospheric! And I can't find any flaw with the writing. Amazing!

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My speed run play through of Supercontinent Ltd. It only took 1 command, and a total game play time of 2 minutes 25 seconds to complete.

** Please do not watch this unless you have already played the game. As I do give away the ending. **

My complete play through of this game has just been uploaded to YouTube. It is divided up into 3 videos for a total time of just over 34 minutes.

* Warning * This is the complete play through so ... "Spoilers"

YouTube Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTjT-lW_mhv...

Or watch the individual Parts:

Part 1 ( In the Begining ) ►

Part 2 ( Middle Muddle ) ►

Part 3 ( The End ) ►

Enjoyed your game. I decided to try it for ten minutes, ended up finishing the game.

My Review


First 10 Minutes of Playing

I think you guys should try making another game or two in this series. Keep up the good work ;)

Very much enjoyed this, went in with no expectations and left an hour later feeling time well spent.

Interesting game. Though it tend to slow down at times.

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