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good game excellent puzles awesome art/graphics (sidenote have you played saya no uta the red strings club reminds me of it and i don't know why)

Hey, really awesome stuff! I enjoyed the game very much. Visually very well made, and the story was really entertaining. Good puzzles too! :)

I'm still wondering, how much of "The Red Strings Club" was already planned when you made this fabulous jam entry! Not just that the main concept of "Supercontinent Ltd" is still recognizable in there, but also Brandeis has his debut in here! I still love the complexity of it and how much work - the pixel art, the music, the dialogues - you put into that. That was a great entry for the Ludum Dare 36. <3 Happily I wrote a little recommendation article about it and also uploaded a gameplay video. :) And hey, hopefully I'll see a game of you in the next Ludum Dare! Fingers crossed at least.

Best wishes,


We didn't even know we would be doing The Red Strings Club when we did this, but it totally set the tone and world for the remake in the commercial release :P -- mixing this with Zen and the Art of Transhumanism and our old bartending prototype was the challenge!


And you've done very well, my friends. <3


The resolution of the story is closed abruptly as it leaves no moment of other decisions than activate the bomb without reasonable approach and intentionaly blames Brandeis (I know it's kinetic novel with linear-unchanged plot, the ending is just felt hanging for me ^^;)

Anyway, the progress of unraveling the plot of the firm's perplexed conflict is daring; with the interface (grahic, BGM, and mission data) carry out the tone of Brandeis' hacking work. Big kudos for this interactive narration! 


Cyberpunk - my favorite theme. Hacking - that too.

I just had to try and add voices to the game:


I enjoyed it a lot, great work! I do think that all the clues should be contained within the game though, since a mere year later I had no fucking clue when Rio Olympics took place.

From the narrative side, I'll say that the CSJ exposition part was a bit slow and explicit while the ending was very brief and left no time to appreciate the mild trickery that was going on. Perhaps there was some room for a final phone call?

I'm having seriously bad lag after playing for awhile; it's lagging so bad it becomes unplayable. It reaches 9-11% CPU running and that boost up my CPU up to 16-19% total cause I have other things running but that shouldn't be problematic, right?

Played this and loved it! The music and art style really set it apart! Few tweaks need made, but it was an enjoyable look at what's to come!

Covered this on my channel. Liked it but did get lost at some point. Here is my review if you would like to see it.


Loved this game!! Really fun, great visuals. My only complaint is that it wasn't longer, I didn't want it to end! Was there just the single ending?


Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :)

It's just the one ending, yes. We're working on expanding this as a bigger narrative experience, though ;)

Loved this game! So awesome!

Great work, loved this game!


Hey, I've just played through the game. I thought it was BRILLIANT!

I loved the game mechanic, I just wish there was more to play. I kinda wish there was a epilogue, like some text at the end, just to clear things up. Also I got a bit confused at the ending.

Just to be on the same page:

I phone the bomb code, Vega turns on me, Dectective (barb's dad) turns up, I throw a book at him, he goes down, then I call the other hacker network, and it turns that I have been working for them?

Is that right?

Either way, Great game, I loved it.


You got that right, yes :) Glad you enjoyed it!

OK thanks for clearing things up.

Really interesting game, I got stuck haha


I had so much fun with this game! The gameplay mechanics are so clever! Absolutely well done!

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Hey yo I really enjoyed this game and I definitely recommend this. The setting, music and look of the game was really good as well as the story. I split the gameplay video into two this is part one. Part two soon :D

And here is part 2

Love it!

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I really enjoyed the game- and this comes from someone who is rarely pleased with games. I did misunderstand the plot since the beginning but figured it out while editing the said video. My only problem was that I didn't quite understand the ending; i did make some assumptions, but I am pretty sure they were incorrect. On the other hand, there might be some context I am missing. Here's my humble gameplay, keep up with the high quality games!

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"Supercontinent Ltd is a dystopian narrative game in which you need to hack some uncrackable device known as a landline phone." - Doesn't get more badass than that, here's my first impression:

Will make it a series most likely

Very atmospheric! And I can't find any flaw with the writing. Amazing!

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Deleted 6 years ago

My speed run play through of Supercontinent Ltd. It only took 1 command, and a total game play time of 2 minutes 25 seconds to complete.

** Please do not watch this unless you have already played the game. As I do give away the ending. **

My complete play through of this game has just been uploaded to YouTube. It is divided up into 3 videos for a total time of just over 34 minutes.

* Warning * This is the complete play through so ... "Spoilers"

YouTube Playlist ►

Or watch the individual Parts:

Part 1 ( In the Begining ) ►

Part 2 ( Middle Muddle ) ►

Part 3 ( The End ) ►

Enjoyed your game. I decided to try it for ten minutes, ended up finishing the game.

My Review

First 10 Minutes of Playing

I think you guys should try making another game or two in this series. Keep up the good work ;)

Very much enjoyed this, went in with no expectations and left an hour later feeling time well spent.

Interesting game. Though it tend to slow down at times.

Liked it very much, but it's definitely too short IMO. How about full title about missions taken by Brandeis?

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Great game, guys! Really enjoyed it like I did with Gods Will Be Watching! Keep up the very good work, looking forward to seeing more great titles from you guys.

Meanwhile, I've made a review of the game here:

Why don't you accept pay what you want money?

when i get to the tech office number and it asked me what is the code i tried both what do you do to unlock the answer


//////////TIP: Did you try calling to the number on the window grafiti?

In any case, if you get stuck again, here you a are a perfect walkthrough:

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Amazing little game, Deconstructeam always deliver :D

Buen trabajo chicos, impresionante como siempre, saludos desde Galicia!


No sabía que eres de Galicia! Me molan tus gameplays sin comentarios, para ver el jeugo tal como es. ¡Gracias por jugar!

Saludos desde Valencia :)

No sabía que (al menos uno de) ustedes hablan español!! (No es mi primer idioma, francés es mi primero y inglés es mi segundo.)

Que bueno que haya gente hablando varios idiomas a Deconstructeam!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( SPOILER WARNING )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can't find the code for the phone lock system, its 201621175


Very good writing in this game. I've never been sucked in so fully by a phone conversation before. It's a fascinating game concept.

Great job!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( SPOILER WARNING )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There might be a small poblem, the password to the phone safe lock should be 581621175 or so i think because i cant remember the exact words that he said but the thing is that that code dosent work, secondly there is a small bug where even after you discover barbra's name, her name in your phone book remains to be Unknown girl

The phone lock door code is 201621175

Hey there. I've been playing the game for the past hour and the I've been loving it so far. There is this thing where the game starts to slow down when dialogue comes up and there's no way for me to skip to the end of the dialogue


Yeah, I'm sorry, we used a third party system for the dialogues and it proved to be pretty unefficient. Since this game was made in 72 hours for a competition, we didn't have time to optimize it. Now we prefer to focus on our current project than to keep on working on this prototype, so I'm sorry to say it'll stay bothersome for slower machines. I hope you understand.

Thank you for playing, anyway!

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