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Amazing little game, Deconstructeam always deliver :D

Buen trabajo chicos, impresionante como siempre, saludos desde Galicia!


No sabía que eres de Galicia! Me molan tus gameplays sin comentarios, para ver el jeugo tal como es. ¡Gracias por jugar!

Saludos desde Valencia :)

No sabía que (al menos uno de) ustedes hablan español!! (No es mi primer idioma, francés es mi primero y inglés es mi segundo.)

Que bueno que haya gente hablando varios idiomas a Deconstructeam!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( SPOILER WARNING )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can't find the code for the phone lock system, its 201621175


Very good writing in this game. I've never been sucked in so fully by a phone conversation before. It's a fascinating game concept.

Great job!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( SPOILER WARNING )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There might be a small poblem, the password to the phone safe lock should be 581621175 or so i think because i cant remember the exact words that he said but the thing is that that code dosent work, secondly there is a small bug where even after you discover barbra's name, her name in your phone book remains to be Unknown girl

The phone lock door code is 201621175

Hey there. I've been playing the game for the past hour and the I've been loving it so far. There is this thing where the game starts to slow down when dialogue comes up and there's no way for me to skip to the end of the dialogue


Yeah, I'm sorry, we used a third party system for the dialogues and it proved to be pretty unefficient. Since this game was made in 72 hours for a competition, we didn't have time to optimize it. Now we prefer to focus on our current project than to keep on working on this prototype, so I'm sorry to say it'll stay bothersome for slower machines. I hope you understand.

Thank you for playing, anyway!

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