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I had my narritive went towards child soldier :) Very nice game and I love the style of it!

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I liked the art style, which it why I played. Loved the sound and atmosphere, and that occasional music that comes through (is it scripted? couldn't tell - enjoyed it anyway)

I got the self esteem/blame/accountability ending first. Then the surprise visitor made me reconsider. I did a replay thinking another ending would see her escape, but from what I can tell there is no escape? (I got activate, then defeat).  Maybe it's not Johan, and she escaped already.

I found it difficult to judge the game logic at first... would my observations affect the reality of the game world? Or was it simple delusion. It was made harder to judge having very little means of examining the world - only looking inwards rather than out. So yeah interesting study on the pitfalls of excessive introspection ha. 


So are there only six endings or is there a secret one I'm missing?


My conclusion was that my bones pertained to Johann. This was really interesting and had a great visual style, looking forward to what you are up to next! :)


it"s sick! But i like it!



Thank you!! 감사합니다!!

We really dig the graphics in this game 10/10

The outcome of my investigation is that she is a russian sleeper agent? Some guy in a weird suit comes up to her at the end. My thoughts on the game make me feel that she is delusional though. That maybe she was traumatized by Johan so much that she begins to feel like her skeleton isn't her own. Making up this story in her mind that she is a sleeper agent Her delusion is so deep that she 100 percent believes it's real. She operates on herself to cope with the mental abuse she has been put through by Johan. This is only my theory as, what is told by her about Johan is vague.  On a side note I see you are the developer of supercontient LTD! I enjoyed that game so much when I played it over a year ago. Even though I didn't beat it I enjoyed playing it. I"m sure we have both grown so much as let's player and, developer in that time. Keep on creating can't wait to see what will be next!

Have you ever woke up and thought, "this isn't my skeleton" ? Well, this girl did. 

I really liked this experience, and there are so many vastly different endings, fantastic work.  I went through 2 endings, and was fascinated throughout.  Loved it!

My bones are a gift from another world. That result made me deeply emotional;  it really resonated with me. Thank you.

Really interesting game! Not sure if it was supposed to have some deeper meaning or if the ending was really by our own design based on the responses! But I really liked it! I ended up with being activated to soon...i think. I am still a bit vague but that seemed to be the conclusion the character came to so that is what I am going with! Great job developer! 

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I loved this game. After a traumatic event, sometimes your body no longer feels like your own and it's easier to make up excuses, rather than face the truth, to protect yourself. Super well thought out and hard hitting for your fairly straightforward point and click vidya game. <3

Oh, but Johann can choke.

Interesting game! I like the protagonist and the art style quite a lot, and replaying, it was interesting watching how the things she found changed with what interpretation she put on them.

I accidentally activated by myself.

Weird! I like it!


A very powerful little game! 


Oh, be still my poor beating heart! This was quite the experience, and I left it feeling incredibly downhearted. In fact, as the game progressed and more predictable conclusions started to be drawn I just started inwardly (and outwardly) cringing.

But despite the sinking feelings in the pit of my stomach, I did really enjoy the game. The protagonist is, despite having obviously gone through a lot in life, surprisingly chipper and pretty witty, which gives me hope that she may just come through all of this hideousness OK in the end (or as OK as one can be).

The quirky x-ray / self-examination side of things is definitely something that made this one stand out too, and hunting for all of the oddities about the character made me explore my own oddities too, quite a healing time was had by all!

Very curious to see what else comes of this and the secret project tied to it, will be keeping my eyes peeled! Keep up the great work! =)

Good job, I had fun and it was interesting making my own story

This game is really neat! During my playthrough, I found the feet to be normal, despite the different sizes, the bullet from Johann’s gun in the thigh, a citizenship microchip in the hand, replaced cervical disks from falling on the car, clotted blood in stomach from injury, and a crystal eye from Johann hitting with a frying pan. 

In the end, she realized that the skeleton is different because of the injuries Johann made and a guy with a bandaged head and a head brace, I guesssing Johann, showed up. I thought the person on the other end of the radio was a recording since they kept saying the same thing over and over.  Thanks for making a great game! 

really interesting and different

Another really excellent game! Great job. 

It got stuck in xray after viewing the left hand artifact, could not get out of xray mode, it only took pictures wherever i pushed.  This was in browser.


I quickly went through the other comments and I think nobody made this point yet.

Hidden beyond the surface of a nice little game, there are lessons to be learnt on human biases. Rationalisation is one of them. Also how with the same set of evidence one can construct many different stories and be convinced(deluded?) that they are the (sole?) correct explanation. Most people are wired in a way that once an answer/cause is found, no matter how implausible it may be, they stop considering other reasons. E.g. you can't analyse the same body part more than once. Of course, users curious enough can circumvent this limitation by re-playing the game.

*spoiler follows*: I got the ending IIRC where she determines that the skeleton belongs to somebody else. But she can't make up anything more. That is frustrating for her, as everybody tends to think themselves as special and she found out that after all this effort she still has the same unanswered questions... which don't differ by much of what more mundane people think themselves. 

PS: what car did you use as a model? It kind of reminds me of a SEAT 124

Thanks for this really... interesting... game. I ended up blaming everything on conspiracies. Wasn't expecting the pixel boobs lol but I appreciate the confronting nature of the game. Here's my Twitch playthrough.

(I apologize in advance English is my second language) keep up the good work! :) i throughly enjoyed the game. Honestly kind of a weird/OG concept for a video game (at least to me, Haven’t come across a game like this before). the story base with the whole skeleton thing was really trippy and cool.this is a good example that you can have a good story even being minimalist with the scenario change. (If that makes sense heh) keep up the amazing work! I made a little play through of it if anyone wants check it out


Once again you made a really cool game, good job!

I ended up with Johannes skeleton and the person at the end was doubly scary because of that. I feared that he came back for her and she was literally haunted by her past. 

Also I felt uneasy seeing the protagonist so calm while harming her own body (especially cutting herself). 

Similarly despite finding it first, I waited until I checked everything else before removing the eye. I felt like it was... important. More so than every other inspectable detail.

This game was really interesting. I didn't expect to end up where it did, but it was really engaging. Great work :D

Thank you all for this interesting, interactive game! Enjoyed the writing, art style, x-ray parts, & different choices we can say or do. It means players go through this multiple times. Lainey is a determined & tough gal. Also, the end made me want to know even more... 

For feedback, like others have said: the annoyance of having to exit & re-enter the x-ray every time. It kinda bothered me, but not too much. Other than that- this is a good game! 5 stars worthy. 

Keeping your team in mind, and now I definitely gotta check out your previous games. 


This game was amazing to play through because of the art style and how you get to decide the story by your choices. One criticism I have for you though is having to exit and renter the x-ray machine every time which got kinda annoying. Other than that it was  a great game!


Now this is a story I never thought I'd see told. Bravo.

great game, super interesting. good art and sound!

the story i got out of it wasthat she was the victim of abuse, and the trauma causing her to think of her skeleton as not her own. skeleton so broken and damanged by him, that in her mind it became not her own.

of course there are the other stories and options, but that is the one i take forward. all of the options and endings make me very thrilled with your writing and story telling talents! will be keeping an eye out :)

Great game i have to say, the pixelated artstyle was rly good i liked it, samoe goes for the music and ambience.

One thing i didn't like was the fact that you had to exit the x-ray in order to scan yourself again, i think it could easily be solved by just moving the x-rayed screen around.

The ending left me smiling and in waiting for more, can't wait to see your secret stuff that you're making. Great game!

Cool, interesting, unique, disturbing. Lots of words to describe this.

I liked it so much I played it through twice in my video below. I am curious as to a few things but the description makes me think there won't be answers anytime soon :)

It seems to me there are at least three possible stories going on here. I think the way the game is designed is so that the story you choose is the truth. Or, put another way, none of the options are the "right" answer. It's just what you make of it.

After getting my video ready I feel like my conclusions at the end are a bit over extended and I am assuming a lot, but that just fits in with what I think the point of the game is :)




I played the game a few days ago and I really enjoyed it! I loved all the different choices and how it could change the story, or that was what it felt like at least. It was interesting and something I had never really played before.


A very interesting and weird game. While not my cup of tea, it was a lot of fun playing something so unique. Good Job.

Well... that was weird! Really enjoyed the game! Honestly, loved everything about it! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

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