A downloadable game for Windows

11:45 A Vivid Life.

A short weird tale about a girl who discovered her skeleton isn't hers, stole an xray machine and fled to the country to investigate her own body.

This game is a narrative experiment on something secret we can't reveal, but if you are so kind to let us know what was the outcome of your investigation (along with your impressions if possible) on the comments section it'll make us very happy and you'll be helping storytelling science.

Play the HTML5 on your browser. (Browser version is a bit laggy, if you want a smooth experience download the game.)

Inspired by Dima Goryainov's entry for Famicase Exhibit 2018 (https://twitter.com/d_goryainov/status/993004512553021440)

Project originally started for #AGBIC (A Game By Its Cover) game jam, but ended up finishing the game at our leisure :)


11.45-A-Vivid-Life__by-Deconstructeam.zip 90 MB


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this game was very interesting. it intrigued me so much that i got all the endings, but i was left with more questions than answers.


my guess is that our character has schizophrenia and ran away after an abusive relationship. but i have no guesses on who the "person" who came for her at the end might be!

very pretty!!!

Last game. Super unique all around. I plan on playing more for the other endings. The whole idea of her skeleton not being her own is great.



I got Johann's ending first, then I kept playing around with the endings for a bit (I wish saving was a thing by the way). The child soldier ending came next, then the "my bones are a gift" ending.

At first, I thought there were only three possible outcomes, but I realized that had to do with how my brain categorizes information, and that these other endings might be someone else's first instinct. I feel like this game is an amazing test of personality and life experience (would love to put my friends through it once quarantine's over).

I think I gravitated towards Johann's ending due to some trouble in my own life, and I can totally relate to just wanting to rid yourself of a certain part of your body because of it. Therefore, my first impression of the other endings was that Laynie was repressing her trauma in them, but it turned out to not be the case.

I know they're meant to be kept secret to make the experience authentic, but as a completionist, I wish there was an ending list (maybe it could be accessed after you get your first ending).

Thank you for this amazing game! Best of luck on your secret narrative experiments!

(also i don't know what that person in the ending is wearing, but it creeped the shit out of me the first time I saw it. is that a beard? a mask? what's that black thing around their head?)


Please come home.

Three words which ellicit an emotional human response. But at the same time, the repetition creates an artificality around it,
which does not seem to bother the transmitter because it assumes that these three single words in a sequence should be enough to trigger the desired emotional response.

We're safe. For now.


Outcome was that my body belonged to Johann

11:45 A Vivid Life was such a weird and oddly satisfying experience. Digging through her own body to find what pieces of tech have been hiding there. And why...


I was very confused but I loved it.


it is really weird. but i found it as a unique plot or feature to the game. i love how you can "create" your own backstory of the different things inside your body. i was a little confused at some point but i think it adds a "mysterious" vibe into it. overall, it is a unique and weird gaming experience.

p.s game starts at 15:04

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oh i didnt play the game, but i watch the entire gameplay and loved it very much. alot of the endings resonate alot with my understanding with how it feels like to have ptsd/low self esteem after going through unpleasant patches in your life. But that's my personal interpretation, and i love how well cared and narrated it was. What struck to me the most is the ending with 'my skeleton was given to me by another being', because i used to feel like that too, as a child. I think it was a form of maladaptive daydreaming, honestly. I was upset by my surroundings and my backgrounds, and created this whole story and imaginative world where I do not originate from my parents but instead from some higher beings from the sky. It's abit silly to think about them now, but back then it was a really soothing thought for me to have and live with, as a young teenager. I believed in it. So seeing it worded out so perfectly like that in the ending was just an entire mirror image of what teenage me used to go through, and it's.. something. yeah. Thank you for creating this game, its very amazing and definitely something to ponder about.

Weird game...but I like it! :DD


One word: HUH?

This game made me uncomfortable, but that's not really a bad thing. I think that's how it wants you to feel, which if that's true is a point in favor to the game. This game is gorgeous both visually and in it's sound, and made my skin crawl.

Overall: Strange and uncomfortable, but not bad.


investigation: concluded, outcome: confusion

but still cool game with great art, animation, and music!

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Strange, unusual and in some places, stomach churning. Get ready to whince.

A great and original mystery with the potential for some very deep and clever interpretations. 

Hope to see more like it.


When I first played this game, I thought "This is the story of someone with very deep psychosis. Someone who is imagining they are not themselves, because the truth hurts, and it's easier to cope with it if you make believe."

But as I went on, I realized there must be something off. This can't be my skeleton. Please, come home. If lies are to help mask the pain, why do they hurt too? So I played the over and over, each time trying different conclusions, different excuses, different answers. Please, come home. I felt lost. I am still lost. Why am I so calm as I cut open my thigh? How could I survive an arrow to the face? Please, come home. This is all so confusing, and I think I could probably figure it all out if I just went home.

Really nice game, I have honestly no idea what is going on, but still the dialog is very interesting and i like the style. Here's a video I did, hope you like it :)

Took me a while, but I've been activated, sir.

Highly engaging horror concept with a minimalist gameplay and intriguing narrative

Third game i played in my video^ (i know this game isnt scary but still a very good game none the less and perfect fitting for my video)

Wow. This really caught me off guard. I like how you really write your own tale. I felt for the character quite a bit and my variation of what she went through really broke my heart. I love this gem!

That was an interesting story. I ended up with the child soldier, but going to play again with the other options and see the other endings. Nice art style too.

it sounds cool

Thanks for the awesome game, this really threw us a curve ball!

wonderful!!! short but impactful...loved it


This game was a short but amazing experience that will stay with me for a while..!

I just can't stop theorizing about the ending though.

Amazing job!

my original thought is that the game was gonna be about self-acceptance, recognizing that the body belong to herself, but then comes the end and you don't have an answer. This is fantastic, becouse opens to theorys and discussions about the real story behind the game. I don't know if in the future we gonna have those answers, but the game is amazing. As always, nice work from the team.

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It was an interesting experience and I had a lot of fun trying to decipher what was happening. Also the graphics and pixelated style is what originally drew me in and it did not disapoint at all.

It was a weird experience. It felt like ending depends on the comments you made on your findings. You can check my gameplay if you want.

I loved every single bit of this game. The story is amazing and I honestly wish that there was more in order to figure out Laynie's story and who that person is at the end!

good game thank for creat it.


and intresting game to be sure. plus it looks amazing


The short format is really a good idea. The pixel art choice also !! It reduces the "trauma" of blood and give the game a cool style.

It can be pretty strange to play and I wanted to avoid any surgery but seems impossible to access to the next step in the story without a minimum of surgery (2 main surgery ?).

Played it twice. And seems to have also at least 1 or 2 other endings.

I pretty like the way we can understand the character background, according to the ending we got... Each time it ends "the same way" but the guy is enough enigmatic to make it work and make us interpret different things.


The game and the concept was truly amazing for me, I loved every bit about it and would love to see some more, tho I honestly wish that it had a little more background on how she became like that, but it was a pretty nice game.

Here's my gameplay, kindly check it out!


Once again a great wee creation. Love the art and music and honestly wish the story was longer. Really interesting look into the relationship this woman has not only with her body, but with her mind and other people. Loved the concept of cutting bits out of herself and the way she was written to latch onto everything and cite patterns and paranoia was incredibly well executed. Great work.


I love this game, it might not be the right emotion but it's the one I feel. It might be the sleep deprivation and the escapism working against me but the feeling this game provides is addicting, I want more.  This surreal story is relatable in an inexplicable sense, thank you for making this.


Great game. I'm not completely sure if I got the acceptance ending, but I'm very interested in playing again for the other endings. 


Well, this was an experience. Actually, I created this account just so I could leave this comment. I played through it once and got the acceptance ending, then I went through again and again, getting all the endings in the order they were presented in the game files (.ute files had ending_something seven times and one was just the menu for seeing that). It was good. Wrenched my interest onto it and wrenched my stomach. I still feel a bit unsettled. I also am curious as to what happens next, but I've got to say that the figure that entered stage right at the end kinda felt out of place for me. Other comments speculate that the character was supposed to be an "open to interpretation" type thing, but I honestly think the game is more complete if I ignore the character entirely. It raises so many questions in me, but no new ones. All of them I was already asking from the constant response of "please come home." But that is just my own two cents. I did really enjoy the endings "Acceptance," "Johann," and "PTSD." I thought all of them played out well, but these really stuck with me. Good game overall. Already recommended to a friend.


(thanks for the .utf info !)


My first ending was acceptance and I understood it in a way that she was so disgusted by her body and her flaws and imperfections that she started developing this feeling of complete detachment from her skeleton, going so far as to believe that it's not hers but comes from few different people. But taking some time off she was able to confront these feelings and realize her developing delusions. But I was so into this game that I played until I got all of the endings ;p

I really like this game and every story told, every ending was super interesting to me and a lot of them hit close to home as I study psychology and (without spoiling too much) I found a lot of what I learned on the clinical psychology classes represented in the game. I still don't know who the guy in the end is and what did Laynie do to him xD my guess is that it's a kind of an 'open to interpretation thing depending on what story you got'. I was hoping that his character would make more sense after uncovering different facts (like why he has this... contraption on his head, why he only says one thing) but well. Overall very unique experience though, love the art style, the unsettling feeling the game gives, the way of story-telling that makes the gameplay a very individual experience that resonates in different ways with different people (the conclusion I draw from reading other interpretations, more than the 6 that I expected).

I would love to know more about the story behind creation of the game but I get that it's a hush-hush experiment for now. Would love to know the results though if possible.

I've also seen Zen and Art by you guys and will definetely check out the other games. Keep up the good work!


Thanks a lot for playing and the insights on the game! :)


This is really great and interesting, plus the art is pretty good! I like that kinda weird vibe that it has but also i can feel a bit familiar to the main character's  feelings somehow. Amazing game!

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