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11:45 A Vivid Life.

A short weird tale about a girl who discovered her skeleton isn't hers, stole an xray machine and fled to the country to investigate her own body.

This game is a narrative experiment on something secret we can't reveal, but if you are so kind to let us know what was the outcome of your investigation (along with your impressions if possible) on the comments section it'll make us very happy and you'll be helping storytelling science.

Inspired by Dima Goryainov's entry for Famicase Exhibit 2018 (https://twitter.com/d_goryainov/status/993004512553021440)

Project originally started for #AGBIC (A Game By Its Cover) game jam, but ended up finishing the game at our leisure :)

Extra Languages!

French by Gersande La Flèche

Japanese by 伊東龍

Spanish and English by Jordi de Paco


11.45 A Vivid Life_14-03-2022_en-es-fr-jp.zip 90 MB


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interesting game

Such a good game :D It really leans into the idea of memories being suggestible, how we just fill in the gaps to the best of our ability. The constant repeating of "please come home," and the reveal that this person was nearby the entire time... it makes it hard to believe the most "reasonable" explanations after that

I can't open the game, anyone can help me? :(

How many endings?


this game was actually so awesome, like someone else mentioned in the comments it sticks with you for days and you keep thinking about it afterwards. the pixel art is really well done and i like the color palette used. this game is so unique and is unlike anything else i've played in the best way! i played through quite a few times and was able to get 5 different endings which i thought was really interesting how you shape your own ending/conclusion.

A Revived spy, rejuvenated and enhanced, cool


I unlocked all 4 endings. The alien ending, the child soldier ending, the delusional ending, and the Johann ending. They all appear to end the same way so there is no cannon ending as of now.

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Alright, it took me a while to understand the game, but once I saw that we could decide which theory to believe, which fact we were going to arrive at, my mind exploded. I played 2 times. In the first one, I took the child soldier theory and in the second, I took it where she felt ashamed of the disasters she caused herself and what that Johann guy caused (I still don't know who he is) and she accepted her body the way it is . Very good game where we decide what story we create and believe in the course of the gameplay. Keep it up, it's really cool S2!!

PS:Pls, put subtitles in Portuguese pt-br <3

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this one scared the shit out of me just knowing how messed up it is that some people have to deal with thoughts and compulsions like this every day. body dysmorphia is no joke. ntm the cptsd and trauma for laynie and this johann person. i did like that there are multiple endings depending on which interpretation laynie goes with. left with questions about the ending in a good way. wouldn't recommend for the squeamish.


my first ending was the child soldier one, but i like how there is no true ending here it could be any one of these just depending on what you read all the evidence as and i think thats awesome


Hey cool game. Loved the constant intrigue to find out the truth and the end was kinda creepy. Good job i loved this game.



not a game I should have played while on weed but a good one none the less.


bro can i get some i need the fealing


This game is *such* a good representation of how it feels to live with trauma, and how one's mind can hide the truth of what really happened from themself. Definitely one of the most profound games I've ever experienced.


The constant shifts between devastating trauma, dellusion and dissociation make this, hands down, a god tier piece in the realm of cPTSD related art. Thank you for this.

hello ! Looks great. Any Mac version on the way ?


The pixel art for this game was really beautiful! I liked the animation and color scheme a lot. The plot was difficult to decipher, which makes sense given how many routes the story can take. I got the 'Johan' ending, which was saddening to read, but executed well. Overall, I feel like there were some things left unanswered that could have been better explained, (The meaning behind 11:45, for example) but it still made for a well-designed game that makes you want to try all of the routes. Nicely done :)


beautiful game hits super hard


When I first saw that this game touched upon the themes of identity, self harm, and a 'narrative expirement' my expectations were pretty low. I came in expecting to riff on this game like it was one of the hundred million other 'really unique indie games about [sexual/racial/other] identity'. Not so! This was a really neat and atmospheric CYOA schizophrenia story. If I had time to do things other than work and commute, I would definitely pursue the other endings just to unravel the story.

Things I liked:

  • Interesting story, gameplay, and ending.
  • Good music and visuals.
  • Disgusting, abominable (effective) sound design.

Things I disliked:

  • Character wore spats but no bra, hoodie but no pants. A bit weird.

This game is incredible, its an original game with an story that will blow your mind and multiple ending !


Really interesting game, was worth seeing the endings and how she is able to make it seem like there are loads of possibilities to her injuries.

I can't say I enjoyed the idea of carrying out self-harm, but I think the game is well done. While I only played it through once, I was disturbed and horrified and saddened by the main character - all emotional responses to what was happening. I definitely would not recommend this to everyone, but it's a worthy game.

I don't know what plans or projects surround this one, but I can't help but comment on and praise the interesting concepts at work.


i did a little play through with my own interpretation of the story at the end!


A lot of game tells a story about protagonist who is trying to fin who is he or her by wanting him or her to discover their surroundings.Well,this game takes that arrow of discovery and points it to you;even to your own skeleton

Vivid Life is about a girl who realizes that she no longer feels in her own body safe and suspects that her skeleton is not hers,so steals a gigantic X-Ray and wanders out of her plaugely brueaucratistic futuristic city and starts to examine herself.

The inspection is really simple;all you got to do is take some X-rays of her and then examine it if it has some clues on it.If you found something,then go cut it.Really simple but plays a major and a lovely way to unfold the story and the plot.

We have an only one music for the whole game and that represents the 8-bit aesthetics minimally but beautiful.

There is 6 ways to bring an end to the game but it still leaves some plotholes left in it but it is only a minor bad part.

I really liked it and gave it a 5/5 shot.A masterpiece in short indie story.

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This game is genius! I just had to play again to find all 6 endings (or are there even more?). The first ending I got was the "Artificial" one.

I made videos on it:

Well this is definitely a memorable one. The type of thing I hate in a good way. It just has such a weird feeling to it, like the lowkey upbeat music and pretty pixel-art setting & then you start just casually pulling out your teeth with pliers. Super cool, congrats.


There's nothing I can say that could capture how weirdly mesmerizing this this game is or how long it sticks with you after you finish it. One of those things you'd give anything to learn more about the world it takes place in :3.


Never have I ever played a game about a protagonist whose skeleton wasn't theirs, and who spent the game digging into themselves to find out who they really were, but I have to say that it was really interesting. I only got two of the endings, and I don't know how many there are, but I really liked this game, and I would definitely recommend it.

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Always had a thing for pixel game. Adding a weird strange female protagonist to the mix make this such a pleasant experience to go through. Didn't expect to take such a dark turn in the plot, but, it just made me feel more invested into the story. Love it.

I really like the visual style of the game. The colors and tones chosen are very pleasing.


I would love to see this fully fleshed out and do more! What an amazing story and a interesting way to tell it! 

Second game 

Three Weird Games #2


You know, after playing 3 of your game (Substance of Kin, Interview with the Whisperer and 1145) I can say that while I love your games, it´s mistery and the art (specially the art) I am a bit angry/sad/annoyed at the fact you act very similar like Valve

Make awesome games with a big cliffhanger at the end that will never get a sequel

I really love this game. i got the ending where some guy in a weird mask came to get her to come home. Was that Johan? From the choices we are given it seems like she isn't a normal girl and was modified somehow. I also want to know how she came to the conclusion her skeleton wasn't hers and the meaning behind 11:45.


i do have a question- what war was this about? as in, what country, if you don't mind me asking? it's an amazing concept


The universe of this game is undetermined. No references to any actual world events :)


Amazing insane game! I found all 6 endings. Two questions:

This was a demo for some bigger project,where is it? 

And... Why 11:45???

Jeez, that was so fun! Thank you so much for making that game!

I loved that so much, very interesting, short and fun!

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My playthroughs tend to gravitate toward Johann/ Child Soldier. I keep playing again hoping for secrets and endings that I wish there were more of ):

is this game suitable for twitch?

It contains brief pixelart nudity, but there is no sexual content. We've seen other streamers play it without problem.

can someone help me figure out how to download these games? I’m new to the website and every time I try, it brings me to a blank gray page with the reload button. (I’m on phone by the way) if anyone finds out how to help me, let me know somehow

Hey, may you try to do this:

Before you click on download, go to the 3 points at the right top of your browser, then search the option  "desktop site" this will change the whole page as you were using in a PC, them try to download again.
Like thisChange to desktop mode on your mobile browser

And if this don't work, try to turn on the option "download from unknown source". 

Like this> How to Install Apps from Unknown Sources in Android

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