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At first i thought this was just another neat pixelart game, but it surpassed that, this is a full on experience, the music, the graphics, and most importantly, the story that talks about self discovery, all combined in this game, it really has some replay value to it, i had to play it a couple of times before understanding everything, the gameplay is also fantastic, reminds me of games like day of the tentacle mixed with trauma center, there's something very special about this game, the background specialy on the intro reminds me of something... something i can't quite remember, it made me feel like the protagonist of the game, it made me feel bad for her, truly a sad story and game that more people need to find out about.


Didn't play the game yet, but I just downloaded the game and, well, it looks like the file names have some heavy spoilers. I'd suggest to rename them to something more generic to avoid spoiling the player.

Its very cool game

I'm confused. I'm just not used to decide about things, that happened in the past, because it doesn't make sense.

Played it and tried to find every outcome

Didn't notice the feet till the last playthrough (even though they're literally in the preview).

In order of endings, I got
Child Soldier - Artificial - Acceptance - Johann - Alien - Activated

It's... a sad game. Interesting. But sad. Kinda hopeful in some places (the child soldier, being thankful for the person who is gone but managed to pull you through life's hardships hit close, as I think I have some kind of PTSD too (from totally different circumstances)). I always got artificial and alien at the same time. Dunharai. It's... interesting. I like how "normal" she felt in the artificial one, asking to meet her maker, and noting other humans feel the same way.
The Johann ending was very sad. I didn't really want to prod around that, but it kept coming. An abusive ex. Laynie was 17 and suffered so much.

Honestly, the activated ending was the one I didn't really care for. The other were all interesting in their own manner, but that one felt... too much?

I don't know. I liked that game.
I think the option to skip text you've already seen and the intro would have helped going through several playthroughs, though.

Also, I was pretty skittish towards removing the teeth and the eye. The eye was easier than I thought, as someone else in the comments said.

Thank you for this game.

I got the ending of acceptance. It was her skeleton.

I found it a really interesting portrayal of dissociation from the body as a result of abuse. Many who are abused need to dissociate to survive and become disconnected from their bodies (for various reasons), so I found this an incredibly clever and realistic way to depict that struggle.

El final me ha recordado un poco a la película Diamond Flash de Carlos Vermut.La ambientació me ha gustado pero he acabado teniendo mas preguntas que respuestas.

made me sad...good game

Self-discovery is an important part of growing up, it's nice to see a game about someone doing so in such a safe and responsible way. ;{)

Very interesting game. I really liked the way that Laynie's trauma was revealed, and I felt for her. A tense and captivating experience.

If you ever plan to do more with this idea, I'd be willing to buy a full game of this. That story with Johanne, so tragic and touching...

Thank you for your work <3



1/21/21 - Before Playing:Looks like a neat little point&click game with a neat story.


i ducking love this game. The style, the gore, the pixel, the aesthetic, the finals, the mystery, even that 'Person', everything is totally beautiful and cool and scary I-  This is really one of the best games I've ever played. Will you ever make a sequel? I really hope so.


Beautiful and grotesque. Amazing experience.


a really cool premise that caught my interest right away. because i'm such a fan of sci fi stories, i generally picked the more outlandish options, ending up with the "my skeleton is crafted" outcome. i feel satisfied with the game for now, but i want to play through to every ending eventually, so i'll probably come back to comment further once that happens!


What can i say expect WOW?

this game went completely against what i was expecting from it, its has such a eerie yet intriguing storytelling, which is great since its got such a unique story to tell.


I really love this game's aesthetic! The style is so appealing to the eyes, it contrasts wonderfully with the uncomfortable themes. I only wish it lasted longer. I discovered that the skeleton belonged to a child soldier, but I'm very curious to see what other outcomes might look like.


This is an amazing piece of art!

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It's great. The skelet belongs to Johann if you ask me, a person, that have played once. If you asked me, person, who played several endings, other outcomes are pretty interesting.

The eye part was pretty frustrating, I tried to deny taking eye off, but I did it (and it turned to be not as gory as I though, because it seems like I don't know how do crystal eyes work) and this part made my experience awesome.

The ending made me laugh, for some reason. But the result of the investigation kinda contraticted her actions: 'not her skeleton inside of her' turned out to be the metaphor and it's kinda weird, it means she wasn't that sure the physical skeleton is not hers, but she was sure that much she did all of this!

i liked the game, thanks for making it 

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Just finished it, pretty interesting. It was very clear to me, right from the beginning, that the character had some sort of serious mental issue(s). Having another person's skeleton inside you is absurd.

Then the game continued. I started by attempting to return home, which wasn't possible. So I took some X-rays, beginning by investigating the feet. I saw that they were nonsymmetrical, and that the character had options for various choices explaining it, ranging from absurd conclusions, to the more obvious answer that it's just normal body variation. I realized here that her definition of "another person's skeleton inside me" differed a bit from what I thought it meant; she was only referring to a few particular body parts.

Throughout the game, I picked the choices that were the most logical explanations and usually chose ones that indicated a realistic scenario (such as previous injury or abuse), rather than picking weird choices indicating some alien/government conspiracy. Although, a few of the things were particularly genuinely concerning (a chip embedded in her hand??).

Then the time came to pick a conclusion, and obviously, I went for the one where she realizes that she has mental problems and needs help. After explaining to the person on the phone that she understood she was delusional, she asked the person to come get her. And then, suddenly, her interlocutor walks in, wearing some creepy apparatus (reminded me of the torture gear on suitors in Amnesia: Justine), and I suddenly realized that I had perhaps misjudged this universe; our character may not have been delusional at all. And I just made choices that convinced her that everything was ok... Who was this person, and what was going on? How did our character end up in this situation?

I was pretty shocked and a bit scared. If this weren't just a short experiment, it might make a good introduction to a horror game.

This game really caught me off guard if I'm being honest. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was expecting what I wound up playing. The narrative style was completely unique, and I didn't realize until I had made progress that I was actually the one making the choices about this girls past. The art style was super juxtaposed to the content that was in the game, and the sound effects were well placed and very effective. Overall, this was a very fun game, and while there are multiple endings, I only chose to find one. Well done!


I loved it. I got engaged into the story very quickly and the game made me ask many questions! I love replaying it to see the different outcomes.*SPOILER ALERT* The original ending I got was the one where she discovered that it was actually her skeleton. You did a very good job on this game! I love the idea of not knowing what lurks under what we can see in plain sight and exploring it, And this game did just that! Great game, I would give five stars!

Sad but captivating story, creative delivery. Great job!

The idea of "my skeleton isn't my own" is very new and creative to me. I got the "Activated" ending, and then the "Child Soldier". The concept was intriguing to say the least. We have no knowledge of our character except for the text choices and narration. Assuming Johann is an abusive friend or relative from the text was my first and final guess. What really creeped me was the constant "please come home". No other response, and further increasing my curiosity by having a large male figure with what looked like a large bracer and bandages around his head also saying the one line "please come home". The fact that she new about (if you choose it) the russian bullet caliber, the plastic bomb, and microchip was also confusing. However she could just be assuming. Either it's the art of video games changing the world and characters according to your action, or it's the narrator making up nonsense.

Rambling aside I think from a logical/realistic standpoint that our narrator is suffering from an abusive relationship with Johann and/or family, and due to this she has run away out of the country and stolen an Xray to investigate boogiemen. Afterwards due to Xray radiation and several incisions and even vomiting she makes up a story based on the chosen boogiemen.Honestly, I think that man was... Johann. Wrapped in bandages maybe after an accident. Maybe, after a cliche near-death experience he saw what he had done to this poor girl. And pursued her. Trying to get her to come home so he could make it up to her.

But I could be super f*ckin wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

this game was very interesting. it intrigued me so much that i got all the endings, but i was left with more questions than answers.


my guess is that our character has schizophrenia and ran away after an abusive relationship. but i have no guesses on who the "person" who came for her at the end might be!

very pretty!!!

Last game. Super unique all around. I plan on playing more for the other endings. The whole idea of her skeleton not being her own is great.



I got Johann's ending first, then I kept playing around with the endings for a bit (I wish saving was a thing by the way). The child soldier ending came next, then the "my bones are a gift" ending.

At first, I thought there were only three possible outcomes, but I realized that had to do with how my brain categorizes information, and that these other endings might be someone else's first instinct. I feel like this game is an amazing test of personality and life experience (would love to put my friends through it once quarantine's over).

I think I gravitated towards Johann's ending due to some trouble in my own life, and I can totally relate to just wanting to rid yourself of a certain part of your body because of it. Therefore, my first impression of the other endings was that Laynie was repressing her trauma in them, but it turned out to not be the case.

I know they're meant to be kept secret to make the experience authentic, but as a completionist, I wish there was an ending list (maybe it could be accessed after you get your first ending).

Thank you for this amazing game! Best of luck on your secret narrative experiments!

(also i don't know what that person in the ending is wearing, but it creeped the shit out of me the first time I saw it. is that a beard? a mask? what's that black thing around their head?)

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he's wearing the telekinetic device that the russians are using to track her movements



Please come home.

Three words which ellicit an emotional human response. But at the same time, the repetition creates an artificality around it,
which does not seem to bother the transmitter because it assumes that these three single words in a sequence should be enough to trigger the desired emotional response.

We're safe. For now.


Outcome was that my body belonged to Johann


11:45 A Vivid Life was such a weird and oddly satisfying experience. Digging through her own body to find what pieces of tech have been hiding there. And why...


I was very confused but I loved it.


it is really weird. but i found it as a unique plot or feature to the game. i love how you can "create" your own backstory of the different things inside your body. i was a little confused at some point but i think it adds a "mysterious" vibe into it. overall, it is a unique and weird gaming experience.

p.s game starts at 15:04

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oh i didnt play the game, but i watch the entire gameplay and loved it very much. alot of the endings resonate alot with my understanding with how it feels like to have ptsd/low self esteem after going through unpleasant patches in your life. But that's my personal interpretation, and i love how well cared and narrated it was. What struck to me the most is the ending with 'my skeleton was given to me by another being', because i used to feel like that too, as a child. I think it was a form of maladaptive daydreaming, honestly. I was upset by my surroundings and my backgrounds, and created this whole story and imaginative world where I do not originate from my parents but instead from some higher beings from the sky. It's abit silly to think about them now, but back then it was a really soothing thought for me to have and live with, as a young teenager. I believed in it. So seeing it worded out so perfectly like that in the ending was just an entire mirror image of what teenage me used to go through, and it's.. something. yeah. Thank you for creating this game, its very amazing and definitely something to ponder about.

Weird game...but I like it! :DD


One word: HUH?


This game made me uncomfortable, but that's not really a bad thing. I think that's how it wants you to feel, which if that's true is a point in favor to the game. This game is gorgeous both visually and in it's sound, and made my skin crawl.

Overall: Strange and uncomfortable, but not bad.


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