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wonderful experience :) 


Hikayede ve oyunda zaman çok önemli...


zamanı günümüz olan bir oyun sıradan gelir benim gibilere

oyun kötü değil ama gelecekte ya da eskilerse geçen bir oyun olsaydı harika olurdu



I really like this one.  The story presented here was really fascinating and achieved an otherworldliness that couldn't have done this premise more justice.

One suggestion I would give is to have a way to decline the final offer.  My answer to the question was "Nothing" but I just got the normal response.


Amazing game! Such a great story.


Great game :)


 I'm curious: What did you ask God to remove from reality?

(I chose hatred)



i chose god lol


I said limitations

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I said TikTok lol


I also chose hatred, but I just said "Hate." All it did was make me oblivious to it. I suppose our own reality is all we really have.


This game was an amazing and... trippy experience, to say the least.
the old crib, you and him in the room, just asking and answering questions.


When I got to the part where he says he isnt allowed to say the name of pangea, I hesitantly said it and the reactions of the interviewer sprite and me were the same. I thought he was being controlled, and... he kinda was.
When I saw trust reach 100%, I hastily asked to use the machine, my feelings were all over the place. And when I saw the being the old man was talking about, the atmosphere got even trippier and weirder.

Just imagine a being you can not comprehend, asking you what to erase from this world. I, after some thinking, I chose despair. When I saw my own mind swich on to this weird robotic mode, I freaked out a bit. But when I noticed that it was to remove my perception of despair, I calmed down.

This trippy experience was one hell of a ride, and I am glad I could play this game and experience the strange mood of this interactive fiction.

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This was an amazing game! I even had a philosophical breakdown (that last series of questions and answers were so amazing and unexpected), I love it! I like the characters and that twist at the end (and the middle if you speak thy name), was spectacular! I will love to see more games like this! Good job!


That was delightful. How did you determine what the game makes notes of in the journalist's log compared to what Manuel says?


Thank you! You can take a look at a file named phone_notes.ini on the game folder to peek at how this system works :P

I love all your games, but these days I'm mostly on osx. Any chance of a Mac build?

I'm sorry but right now we don't own an apple computer for preparing osx builds :'(


How to change the windows size? My monitor is not that big.


The music of this game is really good, is there any chance you guys can upload it somewhere online?


We will release the single on Spotify and other platforms soon. Follow @thefingerspit or @deconstructeam on twitter for more updates!


good game <3


Great game! I just want to point out that Medeiros is an anagram for Remedios, it's kind of interesting.


This is a really intriguing concept! I fully enjoyed it


A fun little game. Liked the idea and the retro style.


WOAHHH this is so cool, i just kinda wish i could save and load the game so i could make different choices, really interesting overall !!


Struggled to find the flow of the conversation at first, but very responsive and convincing! Great ending!

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Great concept and captivating mood from the very start. Graphical style and music fits perfectly.

I got stuck during the first try, and Manuel just kept repeating same phrases over and over. On a second try, I finished the game quite fast by asking pretty much the same questions. There were some server issues during the first run that may have caused problems. Or then I just missed something. Which made me wonder: are there multiple endings?

Some minor usability notes:

- Occasionally Manuel keeps repeating same sentences, and it would be nice to be able to skip them.

- Mouse wheel scrolls the notes-panel in wrong direction and is too slow. Also, I'd like to be able to use keyboard for scrolling.

- I'd like to see a list of all questions I've asked.

This one reminds me of games like "Her Story", but I think the text-based approach has some advantages. Story doesn't have to be so strictly scripted as  with videos, and one could use more paths or even procedural generation to create content.

Great job. Think I have to browse your other games now also.

you can hold down right mouse to speed through dialogues, and yes there's multiple endings

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I figure I could be of use here. Hold right click to skip through dialogue, and I think the scrolling think might just be your mouse. It works fine for me. Also, as far as I'm aware, there are two endings (there might be more but I went through the games code and I'm pretty sure there's only the couple). The first is the brainwash ending. This is just the basic ending. Just use the radio and answer all the questions. The second one is a lot more surprising so I won't spoil it but just ask Manuel about contacting the Devil. That's all the stuff I can help you with. I'm sure the developers can help with the rest.

Oh so typical. I probably tried every button on the keyboard but somehow missed RMB. I got that devil-ending.

wow never know there's another ending! Will try that one!

how to get to the basic ending? answer all the questions? i got the devil ending


Secret tip, if you say Pangea, it will tell you his trust level. once this trust reaches 100 (you have to ask him questions and stuff), you can ask to use his machine, and answer all the questions normally.



Nice game! I´ll make a video for my youtube channel about it.

just a doubt, does this "chatbot" store player data to improve future conversations or does it already have pre-established questions and answers? Hugs


Can't say how much I love that. It seems like the developer are collecting player's inputting answer ? It will be interesting to see that list!


I have no words, it's amazing

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i had to register just to make this comment. amazing game. so glad i saw this one. also la echo de menos a españa asi que it made it very nostalgic <3 truly wonderful work here.


Fantastic, clever, very graceful stuff. Very smart. Is this another experiment as part of a mechanic for a larger game? Always interested in your work.


this was absolutely amazing. had a lot of fun restarting the world

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This looks great. Any chance for a mac version?

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I'm sorry but this game will remains only for windows



Thanks for the reply. Time to dust off my old Windows machine ;)


Joder, muchisimas gracias! es genial!


Enhorabuena y gracias por regalarnos algo más de media hora de narrativa no lineal con ideas interesantes. Por cierto, la manera en que la música indica el progreso hacia  la meta es... ¡mwa (beso de chef)!

Para que fuese aún más gallego le faltó alguna referencia a París de Noia, pero me doy con un canto en los dientes.

¡Mucha suerte en los próximos proyectos!


Thank you so much for making such a poetic game.


You three are amazing, I'm always surprised in the best way possible by your work.

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Any time I say anything, even the stuff in the picture, it just gives me this. Not sure if its me being stupid or a game bug or something but I might need help. And I'm not just saying random stuff. I even dug through the games code and tried everything and nothing works. I know this is the error message I just don't know why.

That looks like a connection error with the server. Try playing again at a later time or maybe check if your firewall isn't blocking the game.

Does that mean the game needs an internet connection to work?

Yes, it uses a chatbot AI to process the player's input. This AI lives on the cloud :p

Great game, I dont understand your ute files, can you tell me which kind of library you use to parse it ? I think it s to control state machine of the dialog. To understand your game I used wireshark and see the http post on the port server. I love your idea to use chatbot on an adventure text. I think I'll try to create one with riverscript library with flask on Python for the server and for the client I dont know which is the best betwen Godot and Gamemaker. Thanks.


This mechanic blowed my mind, super well implemented. Thank you for this game.


You genuinely try to understand a humble man and his impossible creation. The mechanic is caring. The narrative tension is "will I get his trust". Loved all that. Hail to the Devil, though.


This game was excellent, your work is always outstanding.  Keep doing what you're doing please! 

Gracinhas por crear un xogo localizado en Galicia! Cando vin o mandil de Dona Remedios foi coma se vise a minha avoa feita pixels. Hai algo mais galego que o pano na cabeza e ese mandil? :D


Poucas cousas :D


I had a great time playing it: loved the core mechanic, the visuals, the music and the sound effects. Searching in Google and then puting that in the game and see its response was a terrific moment.

I hope you guys put the soundtrack in Bandcamp or here.


"For God, watching humans killing each other is the same for them that what it's like for us to watch a nature documentary."

This game... no... This experience is a real gem that should not be missed! 

Finished it several times now!

I definitely recommend it you everyone! Try it!


I would love to see the code of this chatbot implementation, it's full of possibilities.

Your games are amazing btw, they are so meaningfull and different.

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i asked manuel if he had poetry of god and the game just crashed...

the game is amazing tho, i really got into it

new versions of the game for mac and linux would be a cool addition also


Right now the server is a bit overwhelmed and it's throwing back errors, we're so sorry! We didn't expect as many players getting into this tiny game!


it's not meant for human eyes...


Really fit the narrative though.

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Can't play this on Linux. At a certain point, I get this error and the game crashes, restarting all progress :( Happened twice so far and I can't bring myself to try again.

The game's been incredible so far nevertheless. Great job on the story and the atmosphere!


...I mean, it's a Windows game, not a Linux one, so that might have something to do with it.


Thank you for playing!

Right now the server is a bit overwhelmed and it's throwing back errors, we're so sorry! We didn't expect as many players getting into this tiny game 😔

Fixed! :D ¡Muchas gracias! ¡Me ha encantado!

it works fine with me . iv  just used wine and it never crashed .


You can see on the other replies that it was due to server problems :P

Oh, no! Damn you, Windows! (T_T)


How can you make such amazing games?



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