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Remove this ! It's not a game.


Will this game ever be playable again?

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any chance the server side stuff will be release? I would love to run it locally


We want to look for alternatives to run it again, but right now we're swamped with the release of our next big project. Hope is not lost in any case!


I'm so sorry this was shut down. I remember downloading it some time ago and I played like half an hour until something came up and I had to  close the game. Now when I wanted to go and play again, I found out it's been shut down. It feels like I lost a great opportunity, and I hope sometime in the future we will be able to play it again, the premise is so interesting and, as usual for Deconstructeam, the storytelling and dialogue is very strong.


If it's shut down, maybe post a transcript of possible answers somewhere, so the content is not completely lost?

I'm glad I had de opportunity to play it before it was shut down, it was a great experience, with a perfect setting to make yourself existencial questions.

Would love to see a new version of this game in the future, with new AI technology.

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I hope everything gets preserved as an ever-learning adaptive-AI... That way when they take the servers and shut them down, you still have an genuine experience offline.


This seems like a very interesting experience and I'm sorry I missed it.

It's up for another month!

I've removed cringe from reality as my first ending


I had a lot of fun playing this, really sad that the game will no longer be playable soon, had a lot of fun and really hope there can be some way to play it again in the future! definitely an interesting story!


I saw that this game was going down soon and rushed over to play it! This was a really interesting experience. I feel like in a way more questions were raised than answered. All the dialogue was very intriguing, and the chat system is so innovative. I love the amount of character packed into this conversation, especially for Manuel. The aesthetic is really good as well - amazing pixel art and animation, gorgeous background, and great music. 

I'm curious if there's anything in the game that people don't seem to have to discovered? 


Figures that I don't hear about this until it can't be played anymore.


How come I see no comments or anything about saying pangea to God?  I could've sworn it said saying it over the waves was bad, and that it was forbidden.  Unless it was forbidden for the old guy, but then why is it only bad for him?  Why does pangea not change the main character?

You say it to see basically your stats...thats a way of explaining it

I knew that, but I don't see much saying to avoid saying it in front of God.

Any chance the serverside part of the game might be released to the public at some point for in case anyone feels like trying to make their own server or whatever? Or no?


Very frustrating as a buddhist, as I kept trying to compare the god to a deva as it qualified easily and the kept just kept going "huh what?" at me.


wow this game left me curious and speechless! The god ending is not something I expected. Very well-written!

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This game! Dang, it was deep and fun. I loved the chill vibes and the story of Manuel.

Spoilers ahead? ish

I do wish more responses could have been accepted because there are many ways to say things and for the final question, I would like to see something happen if I say "myself."


how amazing. i love this :)


That was great! I am thankful I got to play this before it shut down


Really great game! Just played it in a discord call :] I wish there was something more to do with the retrieval stuff, but maybe I just missed something? Either way, really enjoyed it!


a truly beautiful game


Truly a haunting, beautiful experience.

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Spoilers ahead.

I can´t get the devil ending. I can´t type the code fast enough until the screen shaking ends and after that it doesn´t change anything, the man just says random phrases. What am I supposed to do?

you need to send the Devil's message to God, when Manuel allows you to speak with them.

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Holy hell this game is worth its weight in pure antimatter

please make more <3


Thank you for playing! Happy to read you liked it that much! Could you edit the P****** word tho to not spoil it for everyone, please? :P

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I was impressed by how atmospheric this game's single, brief scene was — the muted palette, downtempo score, and evocative themes complemented my interactions as a curious player just right.

And just as my in-game reporter avatar took notes on the interview being conducted, I took notes as a hopeful creative on the short-story-game format.

Thanks for the experience and inspiration, Deconstructeam!  🙂 💛

Th3 game isn't working . Please reply.


Immaculate game, I can't get into all the thoughts I've been having after this game but I highly recommend it to people who like story good writing in a game and interesting questions posed by games. The graphics are nice, the music is good. There's nothing bad I could say about Deconstructeam with this game, or any of their games for that matter.

Trying to play on Windows and am having trouble seeing the entire game screen, so can't move forward with interview. Haven't had that problem with your games previously. Suggestions?

I'm afraid there's no solution to this, the game has a fixed resolution. Sorry for the invonvenience.


wow - it's really a great game - congratulations :-) - strong and unexpected final

It keeps saying "I'm sorry I didn't catch that" to everything that I say...


Great game! Thank you!


I, as a free thinking hu-man, enjoyed your game which is fictional and not at all exactly what is happening right now. Yup, just a game from someone's imagination...not real...nooooot real..........(nailed it)


Damn. This is a very interesting game. I always like the topics of your games. Great writing and the tech aspect of the chatbot must have been really interesting to work on. Keep up the good work!


Fantastic. Very intriguing concept and great artwork.


A really unique game, I only wish there was like a new game plus or something instead of playing through again to see a different outcome.

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Eu vim por Tropia:
Vim pelo Tropia:

I absolutely adore this game, it really got me thinking about how i view god, and it was a really interesting game.

Does the game save or do I have to finish before closing out? I'm nervous I'll lose my progres

No save system, you need to finish it in one seating, sorry!

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