A downloadable game for Windows

The events depicted in this game are based in a real incident that will happen in January 2021 near the small mountain town of Engolasters, Andorra.

Controls: WASD or ARROWS to move - click to interact with the phone and the car. RIGHT CLICK to get off the car.

[@marineteta] - Art and animation.
[@PabloSpaceboy] - Art.
[@thefingerspit] - Audio & Music.
[@jordidepaco] - Code, Design and Writing.

A game by Deconstructeam made for Ludum Dare 39.


Engolasters2021-Default- 51 MB


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Very original concept! And re-playability by design!

I agree the car maneuvering can be frustrating though...

I love the car driving :D

I like the puzzle in this game!


I was unsure wether to rate 3 or 4...but I decided on 4 instead. It is a game with an interesting concept although it does have its flaws. Problematic dialogue box ticking while driving, no pause function and the such. It is kind of bothersome to try and start it up again after having played through it to see more of the game.

However, in the end this game is still rather good.


The story of this is amazing, and the isolation of the game feels super relevant to actual January 2021.


I couldn't finish the game. The controls were an absolute nightmare: driving the car felt like I was driving on black ice, barely any control and sliding all over the place, turning was turning the car sideways and the click controls automatically hit a random option in the dialogue menu if you're not paying attention and click too fast or ANYWHERE ELSE on the screen. If you want to look at your map/gps it makes your car move (thus losing blood) so you have to stop the car, get out, look at the map, get back in, drive, repeat to get anywhere.

There's also no pause/menu option, so if I have to use the bathroom (or get pulled away from the game for whatever reason) the MC is just gonna have to bleed out. THEN you have to start from scratch because there's no save mechanic.

Really disappointed cause the story was interesting. Just not interesting enough to battle through the game's mechanics.

not to assume yr preparing another big release a la Red Strings Club, but if u r (something with aliens, in line with 11.45??) im excited. Cool game, cool concept, although i couldn't figure out how to get out of my truck once im in it


interesting story


another great game!


While you already know how much I love your games, I'll drop a comment anyway: This puzzle adventure was a delight thanks to all the neat puzzles and the hidden secrets like the unmarked locations on the map. I absolutely adored the freedom of playing, because the game didn't rushed me to a specific ending - instead I had so see if my next move would be worth the risk of losing more blood. I absolutely loved it, especially Marinas pixel art was once more a real hit! <3 Thank you for making such a wonderful game available for free. :) Not just that I wrote an article about it and uploaded a little playthrough video of it, I also included it in our GOTY 2017 list. <3 May there be more of your neat jam entries, because I need more Deconstructeam games in my mind! :D

Best wishes,

Deleted post

Hemos avistado el primer Iker en la historia de los videojuegos.


Hey, I just wanted to let you know that your game got on my top 10 list of 2017!


You had me at "are based in a real incident that will happen in January 2021".


What a great concept this is! Mixing the search for alien life with domestic drama is not something you see every day, and then when you throw in the panic-inducement of having three ever-decreasing bars (phone battery, health and petrol) it really makes for an intense experience.

Really enjoyed this, and I will be back to try and get some other, better endings than the ones I managed haha! Keep up the amazing work everyone =)


It's really cool game. Gj to the developers. Also here's a gameplay of mine if you just want to check out: 


I liked the concept a lot. Run into a glitch where I couldn't get into the car, though.

Did a playthrough of it if you want to check it out


Hey! As someone from Andorra, I have one curiosity: why Engolasters? :) Are any of the members of Deconstructeam from Andorra, or do you know Engolasters from tourism? There's a cool legend surrounding the creation of the lake, but paranormal activity...? :D

Very interesting dynamic between the use of resources and decision making. Adds great replayability. Also, thanks for making a stand-alone .exe instead of an installer.

As always, great work, guys! I love how you can make an amazing full game like Gods Will Be watching and yet still get all pumped up for these jams. ¡Bravo!

Reseñaré el juego en Retromaniac durante el día. Creo que merece la pena darlo a conocer :)

¡Un saludo!


Hola! Thanks for playing :)

None of us are from Andorra nor ever visited Engolasters, haha. But when doing research to find a place to set our adventure we wanted to pick an unusual location for a videogame... and there are not a lot of games set in Andorra :P -- then we saw this article about a project to build an observatory in Engolasters in a close future, so it was perfect! Plus Engolasters means "That swallows the stars," it was fate. We read about legends of witches bathing in the lake which helped shape de narrative and all.

So no special reason, it's like if Engolasters chosed us, and not otherwise ;)


Hey! :D Yeah, after playing it the first time and *SPOILERS* getting the witches ending, I understood where some of it came from. It actually is, in terms of lore, if not actually location-wise, quite endearing for such a narrative. Congratulations on making it look so interesting! As a fellow ludumdarer, maybe next year we can organize a live gathering in Engolasters - not for the December jam, or we could end up like Meritxell in the game! ;D

La reseña del juego estará publicada en RetroManiac en breve :) ¡Un saludo!


Nice art & experience。


I liked this game :) Multiple endings, yea?


Ah.. teenagers... So much drama. :) 

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After Ricard calls to tell us he is running away, I called him a second time and the text name was wrong. Like when it was my turn to talk it still said Ricard. It's just a small typo tho. Lovely game so far!


AWE-FRICKIN SOME!!!!!(buuuuuut scary)


I found a bug! Calling Richard after asking for an ambulance, I had used up all the responses and the game crashed.


Ah, damn! Thank you for reporting it!


Look nice