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Oh jeez, this was something else. I hopped right in expecting it to be a quirky little housewife simulator, maybe a few jokes here and there about stereotypes and the like...

But instead I was thrust headfirst into a reality of crushing depression and a constant feeling of being on edge and being judged by everyone and surrounded by people who have absolutely no idea how damaged I am on the inside.

I was blown away by this, and there were genuinely some moments I felt personally attacked by what Victorine's family members were saying to her. I'm sure I'm not the only person who burrowed into this game who deals with depression, but of course that's a situation that everyone handles differently... however this game does a wonderful job of putting the feeling right into the very depths of your mind.

I left this game a changed person, and I still don't know if I'm ever going to recover from it. Anyone who hasn't experienced this game yet needs to change that right now!

Keep up the always amazing work everyone, this was outstanding.

Hi! I would really like to try this game but it does not seem to work with Apple :(  (or maybe I'm just really bad with this stuff)

Is there something I can do to make it work? Beside buying another computer lol

Thanks so much <3


it's only for Windows. In Apple doesn't work

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Now you have the HTML version to play directly via web :)


Sell the overpriced and bad computer and buy a good Windows one.

Hello ! I'm a new french videomaker who make reviews of indie games and free games like this one. But I have to review only games which can be understand by french people.
Did you plan to add some translation ? If yes, I can give your my support and some of my time to translate every text in french ! This is a game french people should play to understand the struggle of being a housewife/houseman, really.
Plus, it's free to it can reach even more people !
Let me know if you're interested !

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Holy shit, this felt so personal. I struggle with depression myself and sometimes I was picturing myself instead of Victorine. 
Great game but I will never play this again.


Este título es sencillamente increíble, me encantó como plasmaron la realidad de muchas personas de una manera muy íntima y el apartado gráfico con vista isométrica es simplemente hermoso.


Maravilloso ejemplo de cómo los videojuegos pueden no ser solo un pasatiempo. Os felicito por la obra artística que habéis creado.


Absolutely loved it! Great work ppl! Love your games!


Great game.


Me ha encantado, dios mio, es uno de los mejores juegos que he jugado después del the red strings club, cuánto talento teneis!

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I would rate this interesting. I did find one bug, were the first time you can enter the studio, you can do the dishes whilest standing next to the writing table at the right.



Muy interesante, sorprende la profundidad del tema cuando lo intuyes. Creo que habéis conseguido hacer un juego interesante a pesar de que el tema de la jam no gustaba a mucha gente.

Es curioso, en mi caso daba prioridad a la limpieza sobre la cocina. Supongo que prefería que pensaran que la casa estaba limpia a que cocinaba bien jajajaja.

Por cierto, ¿cuándo va a volver Jordi a Murcia? La charla que dio fue muy inspiradora y le queremos otra vez por aquí :D


Well, that ended rather abruptly. I do think it's brilliant though. I legitimately felt the pressures of being a housewife. That's a new one!

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This was a really smart and emotional game. I'm very slow to pick up on mechanics, but once I realized how you were adjusting the space in the room based on the tasks I chose to do throughout the day, I was like "damn, that's sooooo smart".  You convey emotion better than most games I've played. 


Love the art style. The atmosphere, the mood, so depress...

Good game.


This game made me tear up. I got seriously emotional!


Oh my god. This left me speechless. 

Thank you for making it.


A sad and angry game.

Well done :)

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