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It is so sad how as women we are expected to do all. In the game you can't advance if not did something. Is so unfair and how in real life the husband wishes are always first and the parents are toxic and get noissy in the couples life. It doesnt matter the culture, it happens in all of them. 

Im experiencing something similar and even I talk and mention this all time, I'm not listened and I don't want to be in this kind of life anymore :( 

Was not expecting the ending (Actually I'm expecting a good ending but the ending is amazing and unexpected). Actually this is sad how I can see how relatable the wife is.  I like the artstyle.


this game fucked me up - like, legit crying in real life. super rough to play thru (i just kept wanting it to end before it did), and the dialogue was intensely realistic. the experience of quiet desperation, breaking down in those tiny private moments, all the while being (unintentionally) ground down by your loved ones.



This story is life-changing and deep. Amazing game skills.

I don't want to be ungrateful for your work nor rude, but I wish it was possible to have a good ending for Victorie.


she's filthy rich and you shouldn't feel bad for her. I know I don't. She doesn't even try to talk about her problems to anyone. Maybe if she didn't waste the entire day on simple chores like the lazy bourgeois she is then she wouldn't be so depressed.


dude I'm pretty sure being rich doesn't fix all of her problems. She's dealing with constant criticisms from her parents in law, pressure to have a kid, a nicotine addiction, having to do all of the housework, no real free time, her freeloading sister, a whole child in the house, and her husband is kind of obnoxious and useless in this game. She has a lot going on and who would she talk to about her problems? she doesn't want to burden her husband or sister anymore than they are already dealing with, her parents in law look for any excuse to bully her, and she doesn't seem to have much of a social life outside of her husband. She feels trapped. Just because her husband makes decent money doesn't fix her life.

wow you're insensitive


wow this was so... suffocating so fast and done so well! I'm impressed!! Also the little details of the room getting closer of far away, when the MC got actualt compliments she felt better, is such a easy to understand and clear way to express it!! Congrats on the idea and the execution!  

Also it makes me want to help my mom more too, so good impact ;_;


Well, I guess it's a good thing they don't have kids. 


Chores horror story... yet so true. Amazing concept and execution. I love the way you managed to show the emotional breakdowns. Wonderful game. 


This game made me fell bad for my mom. The banality of this story is what makes it so heavy.


The ending was amazing, each day came more harder to get through. I was blown away and heart broken for the poor wife. Thank you guys for this <3

Just wondering, if I changed my respones to the husband, would it still come to the same ending? It's alright if it does, I just want to play this completely through <3


The game has only one ending :)

Thank you for playing!


Ah alright, thank you <3 It was my pleasure c:


love the style! amazing!


u made me cry


Oh my, that ending!  I couldn't have been more shocked! I literally couldn't move  for some minutes.

A masterpiece, totally a masterpiece. for sure.

BTW, I'm also surprised to see many people try to cry in front of the husband...  

What a great game, keep up the good work!

Great game! Thank you so much for sharing it. 


Great short story - though quite heavy. I found myself thrust into the shoes of a woman who felt like she should be happy and grateful for what she had, but instead was without any emotional support and surrounded by shitty toxic relationships with no way out and crumbling under the pressure of it all. Beautifully told.


The way space is used to convey meaning is absolutely brilliant, fantastic job, all of you, the art style, the music, the writing... 

Really good, congrats!


This hit me in so many levels, ended up crying. Absolutely awesome game, Deconstructeam giving us powerful and deep experiences as always!

Can someone help me? I can't figure out how to dust!


On the living room, go to the dirt spot in the center of the room and press space :) -- The dirt spot should be highlighted with a black border when you're close.

Thank you so much! I didnt even realize that was dust, I thought it was just a puddle, thanks!

Hey guys! I'm a fan of your previous works, cheers :) Can you please tell me if this one will be eventually released on Mac OS?

i started to play all deconstructeam game

nice game


Un título muy profundo con una temática muy personal e íntima, me ha encantado muchísimo.

Acá dejo la review que le hice:


very powerful


Honestly this broke my heart. I've been in relationships very toxic like this and it's so horrible.


This game maybe hit too close to home for me. Anyway it was super good, really enjoyed it! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Very powerful stuff, nice job. I wonder why she chose to marry him in the first place. -Grey


Very short game, but so powerful. 


So relateable.


Vengo de jugar the red strings club, juego con el que ya me dejasteis impresionado. Y ahora al probar este juego siento que porfín tengo un estudio indie al que seguir cada juego que saquen. Creo que sois de lo mejor.

En sí este juego me ha hecho cambiar mi forma de ver las amas de casa como mi madre. Me parece que lo tratais de una forma muy realista y que involucra al jugador de una manera que pocos juegos han conseguido. Creo que es un juego que debería probar cualquier persona, sobretodo de sexo masculino como yo, para que sepa que es lo que se siente en esta posición en la que no puedes practicamente hacer nada. Es por este estilo de obras que amo el medio de los videojuegos. Gracias por tanto, perdón por tan poco.


¡Que bonito! Sois lo peor :D

Una joyita que merece versión en castellano ;)

Great game I loved it! ;)




The world needs more games like this. Top.


Oh jeez, this was something else. I hopped right in expecting it to be a quirky little housewife simulator, maybe a few jokes here and there about stereotypes and the like...

But instead I was thrust headfirst into a reality of crushing depression and a constant feeling of being on edge and being judged by everyone and surrounded by people who have absolutely no idea how damaged I am on the inside.

I was blown away by this, and there were genuinely some moments I felt personally attacked by what Victorine's family members were saying to her. I'm sure I'm not the only person who burrowed into this game who deals with depression, but of course that's a situation that everyone handles differently... however this game does a wonderful job of putting the feeling right into the very depths of your mind.

I left this game a changed person, and I still don't know if I'm ever going to recover from it. Anyone who hasn't experienced this game yet needs to change that right now!

Keep up the always amazing work everyone, this was outstanding.

Hi! I would really like to try this game but it does not seem to work with Apple :(  (or maybe I'm just really bad with this stuff)

Is there something I can do to make it work? Beside buying another computer lol

Thanks so much <3


it's only for Windows. In Apple doesn't work

(1 edit) (+2)

Now you have the HTML version to play directly via web :)


Sell the overpriced and bad computer and buy a good Windows one.

Hello ! I'm a new french videomaker who make reviews of indie games and free games like this one. But I have to review only games which can be understand by french people.
Did you plan to add some translation ? If yes, I can give your my support and some of my time to translate every text in french ! This is a game french people should play to understand the struggle of being a housewife/houseman, really.
Plus, it's free to it can reach even more people !
Let me know if you're interested !

Deleted 70 days ago

Holy shit, this felt so personal. I struggle with depression myself and sometimes I was picturing myself instead of Victorine. 
Great game but I will never play this again.


Este título es sencillamente increíble, me encantó como plasmaron la realidad de muchas personas de una manera muy íntima y el apartado gráfico con vista isométrica es simplemente hermoso.


Maravilloso ejemplo de cómo los videojuegos pueden no ser solo un pasatiempo. Os felicito por la obra artística que habéis creado.


Absolutely loved it! Great work ppl! Love your games!

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