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I wonder if my dad would read a comic that I gift to him

I picked the feminism one because this guys dad sounds like he has things to learn about feminism.


I chose The Pulsar Code :D

I wish these books were real tho T-T


I picked Essays on Empathy because I figured it was a fun mix of stories and I figured the "oppressive heterosexual relationship dynamics" one would probably appeal to my dad.

please make this available for Mac!!


A simple one-two punch.

Haven't had a good cry in a while. Thank you for this wonderful piece <3

(PS: I picked "The Golden Derelict")

Just found out Essays on Enpathy is real


I picked Essays on Empathy. Although those stories would be told best at interactive medium(hehe), I am sure anyone will like the stories.

Great work!


I chose Alberto!

I would have also bought Pulsar Code for myself, though. 


Dad and I never stay in the same aisle in a bookstore. He would check out the books on history, or non-fiction, whereas I'd roam up and down, left and right, looking at everything from fiction and art books and brightly colored comics or children books, to stationery, art supplies, postcards and whatnot. I'd bought him lighthearted manga such as My Cute Neighbor in the past, but he'd said he didn't really understand them. I'd pick Alberto for myself because  the theme is actually very close to my heart. And I'd like to think he'd like Alberto too, because he does enjoy the little things in life and poetry sometimes. Love you Dad ♥


Ahh, the stickers caught me. It was all just setup for that, haha!


I chose my Cute Neighbor because he gave me a lot of  Calvin and Hobbes books as a kid and that seems like a cute way to bring that full circle.


I chose Burnt Bridge Redemption, and I'm a little disappointed in myself.  That's the least challenging option, the one that would prompt the smallest amount of conversation and certainly not an argument.  I could justify it and say that I chose the one most suited to my dad, but I think I'm just a coward.


My dad isn't really into books so I was confused about what to choose, but then I choose The Golden Derelict.  I like the cover designs for the comics, especially the Essays on Empathy one. 


My dad loves poetry. He majored in it in college. Alberto all the way baybeee.




Wow! All of your games are really good, you can see how much effort is put into making them work and seem finished! Good job Devs ! :D :D :D :D 


I picked 'The Forensic Artist' as nothing else seemed to quite fit what I think he would like. Good writing and feels. I wish some of the in-game reviews weren't so mean/superficial, and I probably would read most or all of the comics on that shelf.


I picked The Forensic Artist 'cause I *think* my dad likes thrillers, but also 'cause everything else would be either too deep for him or too over the top (he's not a very self-reflective man, and he's quick to call something stupid if it seems "too childish").

This was kinda interesting. Never though of getting my dad a graphic novel before, and thinking about what I would think he would like was kinda fun. He doesn't like most of the same stuff I do and so it was kinda difficult, so glad I'm not actually getting him a comic book lol


Brilliant, lolled many times.

I picked Neon Ping-Pong Lovers, not because my dad would like it, but so I could nick it off his shelf.
I like how there just isn't a good choice, and it tallies well with my present-buying experience–you really wanna get something that will be enjoyed and reflects you as a person, and that often seems impossible. Normally this is frustrating, but if all the answers are funny? Well, many lols.


I picked The Forensics Artist because my dad likes crime mystery novels, which I've given him a few in the past. Slightly surprised there weren't any sports comic options. I'm not into sports but I've given my dad some sports books in the past. Thanks for a very unique and cool game that makes you think!


I picked Alberto... I wanted something that seemed more mature.  Sometimes when you buy someone a gift you wanna get them something they wouldn't buy for themselves.  Also, I would like to read all the comics in this game.


I was between "My Cute Neighbor" and "Lessons About Empathy" in the end. I think I picked the first just because,, it'd be nice to just get my parents something good that they would like. I don't think they need to know the things they've done wrong nor do I think I want to have a conversation about how they need to change. I think I just want to give them something they'd enjoy. This game was wonderful, and I'm glad I played.


I really liked this game! I live far away from my parents now, and I often give them books or games as gifts. My dad's a bookworm, but our tastes are different: he likes immersive stories and will put a book down if it has more than two swear words in it. So as I played, I pictured the character's dad and my dad.

I bought the dad "Burnt Bridge Redemption": the main character had liked it once, so maybe we could talk about it and have a low-stakes conversation, even if the dad thinks it's childish. I thought "My Cute Neighbor" might be too safe and "The Golden Derelict" wasn't safe enough: talk about opening the door to an emotional conversation. Thank you for a wonderful game!

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I have hard time imagining myself buying a comic book for my Dad ever, so I didn't project, just tried to pick a book for the character's dad, the character provided quite some insight that isn't all that general. Ended up picking "My cute neighbour" by method of elimination.


Love the art style and music chosen for this as well as how you were able to bring me as the player to such an emotional place in such a short game, with only looking at book covers and the main characters own thoughts- so hats off to you for that. Ultimately I went with My Cute Neighbor. I was drawn to it because my own dad loved comics and made his own for a while, and these comics more so than the other ones would be one up his alley. Coincidentally it turned out that that the character's own dad had read and loved those comics growing up, and in the end I felt like that was a good choice of a gift- to give him something that he loved and brought him joy. I almost went with Alberto, I read you and I feel more free based out of my own desire to share with him an inspiration to connect with pleasure.

You almost made me cry and I appreciate it! Also very curious if anyone picked the comic anthology on queer sex or the neon ping pong lovers- because even though I would probably read those, I'm curious who would pick that and why!


I think this is the blog where we talk about our fathers, it's a good extension of the game. 

I love the light interactivity to it as an experience to just drill into that part of your brain. 

I've never been that close to him, he doesn't have an interest in most things I find interesting, he's a typical male. Not a reader. He loves me a lot though, I keep associating with him as a kindness to him. 

Most of the books seemed interesting to an extent, something I could probably play with, but it all came back to Burnt Bridge Redemption, there isn't any other option. 

I need to buy him something, there's no chance of it being something that would deepen our relationship.

Always looking forward to what Deconstructeam can put out there.


Sometimes it feels like a thing is tailored made for a person. My dad passed away several years ago. We used to give each other books as gifts frequently. I'd love going to the bookstore, and he'd buy stuff for me when I was younger (and honestly, when I was older too). He was admittedly a little dissmissive of comics (or manga in my case). But I get all the feels. Thank you.

I chose essays on empathy.


It makes me literally LOL when I see Essays on Smpathy. A genius idea to use a simple, short scene to rise some real questions: what's the purpose to give a gift to our parents? To make them happy? Or want to tell them something? And we preconceive our parents too, just like they preconceive us.

In the end I pick up My Cute Neighbour. It's my father's birthday and I want him to be happy. Essays on Smpathy may be an alternative choice if it is not a birthday XD


I wasn't expecting this to be anything super special. I tend to find around ten games a day to play on a mix of  Steam and A good portion of the time they aren't anything special but honesty this was really good. In the end I chose The Forensics Artist as it reminded me of something my own dad would read. Anyways I really liked this keep up the good work!


Along with a few others here, I got drawn to this game on the idea of having to pick a book for my dad to read in real life. And like a few others also, my dad is no longer around.

So this became a theoretical purchase... I mean, it is a game so it would have even been theoretical if I actually did need to buy my dad a book... but it became twice as theoretical! And now I think I may have broken the record for using the word theoretical the most times in one paragraph.

Right, back to some kind of review. This gaming experience made me think about my past, made me remember the times me and my dad used to have, and also gave me a few good laughs along the way thanks to some of the more ridiculous titles and the self-referencing. There were some almost tears too, and some really nice-sounding comics that I wouldn't mind reading in the real world!

So kudos to Deconstructeam for making yet another amazing slice of life experience. If you wanna plop yourself down and peruse some very interesting pieces of literature then I highly recommend you get this game downloaded and have some fun! =D


Very interesting game


Incredible how a simple game about buying a comic book as a gift for father told so much about a character and I could relate to them a lot in some topics... Also, it was funny how I spent a lot of time thinking about what to choose, just like I am in real life when I have to make a choice (especially for gifts).

At the end, I think I put a little of myself in the choice. I chose "My Cute Neighbour". I thought that something  that he would be more familiar with, simple and easy to understand would be great for a start and could make him feel warm inside reminding of simpler times. Also, I love cats a lot.


Very real - I spent as much time browsing books as I would in a real bookshop. I picked "Alberto, I read you". Safe, private choice that does no tell much about me. But sometimes a poem in a poetry book connects and stays with you for a long time, and that chance is the actual gift.

I just wish there were ten times more books to browse.

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Thank you for this beautiful game- I chose "Essays On Empathy" <3 I also played it on stream & people really liked it + I'm currently uploading that on my YouTube channel. Hope this doesn't sound like self-advertisement- just wanted to let you know :D


Aw, this was a lovely little game. I really like the art, it's very warm. 

My dad doesn't read, but I picked up 'Alberto, I read you and I feel more free' because it's a nice reminder of the simple things in life. 

Cool game, loved it! 


the game was fun and interesting! i chose "essays on empathy" because i think my dad would like that since he'smore into hard books to read and stories.


"Stickers to go with the wrapping?"

>""I miss you."

" stickers, thanks."

Honestly, that... Gosh, same. I didn't expect that, but I related to it a lot. The game was fun! I liked that I could doubt my pickings. I didn't expect a book like sexstories, tho. A warning may have been nice? 'xD

By the way, I choose The Garden of your Mind, but was tempted by The Forensics Artist and Burnt Bridge.


I ended up choosing Essay on Empathy, mostly because those stories talk about things I wished a lot of men could understand better. Even though my own father is not the biggest fan of fictional books, this looked like one I could possibly gift him.

I was tempted to choose My Cute Neighbour, because this seemed like a book I would like to receive myself. C'mon, cute comics about cute cats? Count me in! But I can imagine older men would not enjoy this reading as much as I would.

Alberto, I Read You and I Feel More Free reminded me of a few poetry books that I have read and enjoyed a lot, so I would probably buy it for myself or my mother, but definetely not for my father.

I love everything thriller, so I would probably get really excited if someone gifted me The Forensics Artist. 

Tapenade seemed like the type of book that I would pick up for myself without thinking twice about it. I really enjoy books about feminism, specially the ones with illustrations made by the author.

Well, I think that's it. Amazing game, as always. I thought this one would take me just a few minutes to complete, but I actually spended more time on it than I had intended to do. Your games always end up sucking me in, and I honestly love it. Thank you for the great experience!


I decided to buy My Cute Neighbour at the end of the visit, recalling that my father is pretty simple-minded and would just weirded out or even wouldn't read my choice of book like Essays on Empathy. It was in close call with The Golden Derelict but damn the reason about that book is just too close too home.

The quotes and reviews in each book collectively tell me which is most likely the favor of the market and it's also rather funny how the reviewer "judge" them. All the underlying thoughts while selecting the book is just... ouch, my heart :'))))

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