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As usual, your game is full of emotion, and... wow ! 72h to build a game like this is incredible !
At first, I wanted to put you in my video of the Ludum Dare 43, with 7 other games I selected. But ... I couldn't. I had to make a whole video about your game and your studio, because I think you can be really motivating and inspiring for other game creators.

So, here it is ! (but sorry, it's in french)

(vidéo en français)

Me encantó <3

This is a wonderful and emotional game, my aunt is a florist and she always told me the meaning of each flowers so i guess this game taught me a few things about flowers that my aunt didn't tell me about...

This is a pretty cool and original game, love it!

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Setting in a dystopian world, from this I learn how sentimental  and suprisingly dangerous a florist can be :')

P.S. I found a confusing repetition the first bouquet delivery, something like "There will be another family taking the business".


This was such a lovely game!  I loved learning about the meanings of each flower! I feel like Sebastian was a father figure Gordon would've have needed and wanted, it hurt me so much that he died; I cried a little. 


Whoa, spoilers.

this was so lovely!! :) 

Sois lo puto mejor, talento con (seis) patas. Un abrazote y un besote bien fuerte para los <3 <3 <3


ah i want to play this so bad! will it be optimized for mac or to be played in browser in the future? 


Lovely <33333
Would definitely play a full version of this :') 

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